6. HateMature


The next day goes pretty fast. The first lesson is German.

"We have a new student in our class today" Mr Glotus says in a put-on German accent. Everybody give her a welcome!"

"Willkomen" half the class say unenthusiastically, while half of them say "Hallo", half of them say "Hi" and the rest look bored.

"Hmm. So, how much German do you know already?" Sir asks, minus the dodgy accent. I don't say anything. "OK, well, lets test her. Someone ask her a question"

"I will Sir" some guy says. Mister nods at him "You free this Saturday?"

"Marcus, that was a very inappropriate comment. Why don't you have a go?" he asks the girl behind him.

"Ja Herr. Wei heiss du?"

"Ich wusste, wie man antworten, daß, bevor ich wusste, die Sprache. Ich heisse Aislinn White. Und du?" Seriously? I would have known that even if I didn't know German.

"Lisa-May Green. Sie sind fließend Deutsch, nicht wahr?" she smiles.

"Ja. Meine Vater ist Deutsch" I smile back.

"I see. Well, Miss White, how would you consider transferring to Spanish?"

"That would be great, thank you"

So I'm transferred to Spanish. And guess who does Spanish? None other than: Sarah Michelli. Happy days. I try my best to ignore her. I'm given easier work than the rest of them because I know no Spanish whatsoever. So, I'm saying what I like and dislike (and love and hate). I'm tempted to put 'me detesto Sarah y me 0dio pelo de Sarah' (I detest Sarah and I hate Sarah's hair). (I don't actually hate Sarah's hair, I think it's really nice). 

After class she comes up to me. I try to blank her but she just pushes me against the wall.

"You know Aislinn, Damien didn't really forgive you, he just said he did so you'd shut up. He hates you. Everyone hates you. Even the I-Like-Everyone woman at the reception. Leala hates you the most. She hates your guts. That's why she sent you to Damien. Because she knows he doesn't like you, so she thought she'd give you a hard time by sending you to him. When Adam called you a nerd he meant it. He wasn't just joking around. See, everyone hates you. Even the teachers wish you'd never come to this school" she sneers. Then she flicks her hair and walks away. I promise myself she's lying, but everyone ignores me for the rest of the day. I ask Leala about it before we go to sleep, but she just shakes her head and turns her back on me. 

Odio el día de hoy.

The End

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