5. ApologyMature

I knock on one of the boys' dorm doors, hoping to high heavens that it's Damien's one. There isn't an answer for five minutes, but Adam comes out of another room.

"Damien's definitely in there. He went in about ten minutes ago and I haven't heard him come out"

"OK, thanks"

"No problem" then he goes back into his dorm. I wait another minute.

"Damien? It's me..."

"Aislinn?" the door opens. "Hi, come in" I go in. It's not as nicely decorated as our dorm. The walls are white and the floor is black, and that's about it really. 

"Damien, I came to apologise" I say.

"Aislinn, you don't have to" he says.

"No, I need to. I feel really bad. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings... I didn't know you two were going out. God, I didn't really mean to hurt hers, you weren't even supposed to understand me. I was just really annoyed because she doesn't... have a very... nice... way of... expressing her thoughts. I'm really sorry"

"Oh Aislinn, I forgive you. It doesn't matter. Seriously" he half-smiles.

"No, but I've only just got here and I've already made someone feel bad"

"Like I said, it doesn't matter. I sometimes think the same thing. She can be quite horrible. There's just a certain way you have to be around her. You'll understand once you get to know her better. Adam and Leala just blank her most of the time" this time he actually smiled properly.Then there was a ting... ting... ting.... like someone tapping a spoon against a glass "Ah, you have to go now now. See you tomorrow"

"Bye, wait, are you sure you forgive me?"

"Yes, I forgive you. Now hurry up and get back to your room before someone catches you" Damien grins. I grin back. 

The End

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