4. MistakeMature

"Leala?" I ask as we sit on our beds at half nine that night. I don't know where Sarah is, and right now I don't really care. However I do care about why Damien has been quiet all afternoon. I mean, I don't even know him that well, but Leala told me that he's normally really conversational.


"You know... what I said to Sarah at lunch?"

"Yeah, that was so funny because it's true! I'm still wondering what the whole thing was but I can just google it." she grins.

"Well, yeah, it was. But I just want to ask you something"

"Go ahead, but I might not know the answer"

"Well... why... I mean, you said Damien is normally chatty..."

"Oh..." Leala trails off, her usual chatterboxy self gone quiet. "He and Sarah are going out" she sighs. Great. I just made a very big mistake.

"Ah crap. He probably hates me" well this is just perfect. I've been here for an afternoon and already I've got someone who hates e and someone who's more than likely to hate me. 

"Well why don't you go and apologise?"

"What?" oh, well done Aislinn, you just made yourself sound so selfish it's unbelievable. Fortunately, Leala decides to ignore  that fact.

"Well, you could. I mean, you're allowed to go into the boys' dorms until ten on the weekends, so you've still got half an hour. You can just go and explain. I mean, it's not like you meant to hurt his feelings. And me and Adam laughed so I guess it's just as bad, actually, on that point I should apologise as well. I'll do it tomorrow. He's known me since I was seven, he'll understand. And - ohmygosh! I'm just ranting on about how he'll forgive me! Get going! You've only got twenty five minutes now!" and she practically shoves me out of the room. Besides Mum, she's the nicest person I've ever met.

The End

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