3. LunchMature

In the next hour I find that Leala (like me) has just turned thirteen. She's  a chatterbox, but not one of those ones that just go on and on and on and don't let you get a word in, and get on your last nerve and you feel like yelling 'SHUT UP!'. No, Leala's friendly, she just always has a lot to say. Which I think is quite nice, coz it makes up for the little I have to say about anything. Seriously, I can't even string a sentence together when I'm on the phone, and when I'm talking to people face to face it isn't much better. And you'll never catch me starting a conversation. 

I learn that Sarah doesn't really care about anything except herself, her hair, and her make-up. And she has way too much to say for herself. 

"Are you two  listening to me?" she snaps, interrupting my thoughts.

"What?" me and Leala ask at the same time, looking up from our game of Guess Who.

"I said it's lunchtime and if you don't stop playing that silly game then you'll be late" and then she flicks back her hair and sweeps out of the room.

"That girl had problems" I mutter.

"You think?" Leala raises an eyebrow. "She's right though, we don't want to be late or we wont get our table. The dining hall fills really quickly"

"The dining hall?"

"Canteen, sorry. It's a habit. Most people call it the dining hall because it's where we have all our meals, so I kinda picked it up"

"Oh, OK" that's gonna be hard to get used to. We walk to the 'dining hall', Leala chatting about which teachers to avoid, et cetera, the whole way. It's like a big buffet thingy, so I get some pasta and follow Leala to a table where Sarah and two boys are sitting. 

"Aha! Damien, you owe me a fiver!" one of them exclaims happily.

"No. Way" the other one (who is apparently called Damien) says, then looks round at me. "You have got to be kidding me. He so asked someone what she looked like.There is no way on this earth he could've guessed that she has pink streaks"

"Hand it over"

"You know if you make a bet about someone, you don't make it obvious in front of their face" Leala grins as Damien hands a five pound note to boy number two. "These two idiots are Damien and Adam"

"Hey Damien and Adam. I'm Aislinn"

"Yes! Adam, you owe me a tenner" Damien grins.

"Hold on. How do you know her name means 'dream'?"

"My name means 'dream'" I smile.

"Oh, well that's crappy isn't it?"

"Think about it this way, he just gave you a fiver, so really you're only giving him a fiver because you're giving the fiver back with an extra fiver" I say. 

"Wicked! We've got a nerd in the group now!" Adam grins.

"Hey, that's not very nice" Leala sticks up for me.

"Na, it's fine. I-"

"Of coarse it's OK. Maybe we should call her Nerdina" Sarah buts in.

"Ja Sarah, welche große Idee. Nerdina ist der vollkommene Name für mich. Vielleicht sollte ich Sie Weibchen-ina nennen, weil das Ihnen vollkommen anpassen würde" I say sweetly. God, I've only just got here and she's already pissing me off. Damien's eyebrows shoot up into his hairline. 

"Yes. But I'm going to call you it anyway" Sarah says, evidently trying to pretend that she knows German, or even that I was speaking German.

"Uh, Sarah?" Damien hesitates before saying "I'm afraid Aislinn just called you a bitch" Leala and Adam both burst out laughing. Sarah scowls at me. Damien stays silent.

The End

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