2. Room MatesMature

"Ohmygoodness! We've been waiting for you for ages! Come in!" A girl with short black hair gushes. So I go in. The room is quite big. It has dark red walls and a dark blue carpet. It has three beds, two of which obviously belong to someone. The other one already has my blanket on it and my suitcase is at the end. "I've been looking forwards to meeting you so much. I hope you don't mind sleeping near the window but if you do we can always swap beds. That's my bed there" she points to a bed that had a blue blanket on it. On the wall above the bed is her name. L E A L A. Each letter is decorated with a different pattern.

"So you're called Lee...lah?" I'm crap at pronunciations.

"Lee-ah-lah" she smiles. "Your hair is really nice. Oh, and I put all your clothes in the wardrobe next to your bed, I hope you don't mind. Your clothes are really pretty, and I like your CD's. I listen to Kelly Clarkson too, she's my favourite singer-"

"God Leala, give the girl a break. She only just got here and you're already bombarding her with chatter. I bet you don't even know her name" a girl comes out of what must be the bathroom, towel-drying her very long, blonde hair. Leala looks at me with shocked eyes.

"Am I talking too fast?" she asks.

"No, it's fine" I say truthfully. Then add "My name is Aislinn"

"That's a nice name"

"I'm Sarah" the blonde girl says. 

"Hi Sarah" I say. She smiles quickly and then walks over to a full-length mirror and starts brushing her hair. I can already see that I'm gonna be much better friends with Leala than I am with her. 

The End

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