15. BulliesMature


The next day is worse than that one... for me.  

We have the usual chat at breakfast (though we have to use the code names, both sets, for some unknown reason). 

Lesson one (science) is OK. We get to set stuff on fire with the Bunsen burners. Mainly because there's a supply teacher. After the lesson, I was called to the head's office to 'make friends' with the volleyball bullies.

"So" Mrs Way-Too-Posh says, to break the clock-ticking silence. "Who will start?"

"I'm going to be mature about this!" Amelia announces, standing up and turning to me. "I'm very sorry, princess Aislinn, for ruining your soft little face" 

I can't help noticing that she called me 'princess Aislinn', just like Sarah did. I'm sure Sarah doesn't like being similar to her sister.

"Aislinn" Mrs Way-Too-Posh looks at me expectantly when I don't say anything. 

"Oh, um" I struggle for something truthful, yet appropriate to say "They didn't apologise" 

"Ooh, eagle eye!" Michael grins stupidly. Susan slaps him across the face.

"Shut up, idiot. I'm also sorry, princess Aislinn, for dinting your perfection"

"Yeah, I'm sorry too" Andrew speaks up. 

"Sorry here n'all" Michael  says, still grinning.

"Sorry" is all Nicole says. 

"Uh... I appreciate it?" it sounds like a question, but nobody notices.

"You may leave"

I'm barely out of the office before they gang up on me.

"Don't you ever" Nicole presses her fingernail into my chest "Take apologies from us seriously" then she walks away with Amelia and Susan, flicking her hand at me. "Take care of her"

Michael and Andrew grab one of my shoulders each and slam me into the wall. Then Andrew holds my head against the wall while Michael punches my face, right where he slammed the ball hard into it.

When I go to bed, Sarah and Leala are already in theirs. Leala raises an eyebrow at me, but I pretend I don't see her and get into bed.

The End

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