14. Room CheckMature

So, it's been an... eventful day. 

"Aha! I win!" Leala exclaims for the eleventh time, taking my character card.

"Leala, you cheated and you know it!" I say, matter-of-factly.

"I did not! Just coz you can't take losing!" 

"Did too!... Cheater"

"Aislinn, say that again and I win every game, even if I lose it"

"That doesn't make sense"

Suddenly, Sarah bursts into the room at high speed, slamming the door."Stop your silly bickering, put away that ridiculous game and listen" she says desperately in a hushed voice. We immediately do what she says and then look at her expectantly, and slightly confused. "I'll explain later. I can't explain now. Get on your beds and read or something. In fact, Leala, use my cards to play solitaire. Aislinn, read. I'll... redo my make-up or something"

"OK!" Leala agrees and does what Sarah says as if this has happened before. I move to grab a book so I can lean against the end of my bed with it, but Sarah grabs my arm.

"We hate each other" she tells me. "If you must speak to me, use code and make it short. Just be warned, I'm going to be really mean to you, whatever you say, and quite frankly, the meaner my response ism the more I get what you're on about. Me and Leala are going to ignore each other completely. Just go along with it, OK?"

"Fine" I says, "Why are you talking to me?"

"Great!" she says, already wiping of her make-up. "Get on with it"

At that moment, there's a knock on the door. We stay silent. 

"This is a room check. Please carry on with your normal activities and do not act different because of us" a voice says, before a very tall, slim woman walks into the room. Her pitch black hair is tied in the tightest bun ever, she's wearing the tightest, most uniform-like clothes I've ever seen. Her five-inch heels are so sharp that they manage to click on the carpet. "You must be our new student, Aislinn"

This is obviously directed at me, so I look up from my book. "Hi"

"Hello. I gather you have met Leala and Sarah"


"How are you finding them?"

"They're..." I hesitate, struggling to find a word to describe them both together "Nice..."

"Hm. I have often heard different about Sarah"

"I wasn't talking about Sarah" I muttered, returning to my book.  

"Heard that" Sarah says, sounding bitchy. 

"You say that like I care"

"Oh, piss off"

"We will not have language like that, Sarah" Mrs Way-Too-Posh snaps. "What happened to your face, Aislinn?"


"You have an injury dangerously close to your left eye,which is badly bruised"

"I'm fine" I say "I can't even feel it"

"May I ask who treated it?"

"Don't lie." Sarah emphasises the last word nastily. "I know you will. As if you think you have to" ;;;

"I'm not going to lie" I shoot back at her. "I don't know their name"

"Why not?"

I have no idea how to answer that. Luckily, Sarah saves me.

"She went and got herself knocked out, like an idiot" she flicks her hair and starts eye-lining her right eye. 

"I see. Doing what?"

"Again, I say be truthful" Sarah scoffs, in avoice that tells me to get Leala involved. 

"Playing volleyball in the pool. Leala got hurt too"

"Did you?"

"Um, yeah. But just a bit" she shows Mrs Way-Too-Posh the bandage on her arm, which Adam put on just before the Dorm Bell went.

"I see. You must report to the Hospital Common if it bleeds. Same goes for you, Aislinn" and with that, she strides out.

The End

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