13. SarahMature

I try not to flinch as Damien dabs the blood away from my eye with a wet cotton wool ball. 

"Please try not to move" he says.

"Sorr- ouch"

"Sorry, sorry. OK, this one might hurt relatively more. TCP"

"Ah, OK. Ow" I suck in a breath through my teeth as he presses it to the graze.

"Just hold it there, I'll be back in a minute" Damien gets up and walks quickly out of the room.

"Someone should report them" Leala moans as she rubs her upper arm.

"Stop rubbing that, you'll make it worse. Look, you've made it bleed again"Sarah sighs and goes over to her and gives her some tissue.

"They have been reported - forty seven times. And that's just this year" Adam tells us. "And it's only all of them at the same time"

"Understandable" Sarah says. "Damiens been gone a while..."

"Hmm. Is he OK?" I wonder. 

"Well, they did almost drown him, I wouldn't be if that had happened to me" Leala sighs.

"Well, Leala, it didn't happen to you, it happened to him. I think that's a bit more important" Sarah snaps. We all stare at her. I've started to notice changes in Sarah. She's not as nasty any more. And while she still goes around with her gang of bitches, she also hangs around with us a bit more. "What?"




"RRRGH! I only said it because he hates being underwater..." I can tell she meant that to sound like she was being mean to us, but she trails off and it makes it seem more like she cares more than any of us could ever know. She sighs "He's scared of drowning... I, I'm sorry, I have to go" she runs out.

"Is it me, or...?" I trail off, it can't be right.

"Did it seem like...?" Leala shakes her head.

"She was almost...?" Adam looks up at us.

"Crying" we say together.

The End

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