The pool in question is actually pretty full. It doesn't look nice. There are girls and boys there, varying in age. But all the nice-looking ones are sitting around the edge of the pool, eyeing us expectantly. 
Then there are the meaner, tougher, older looking ones who are all in the pool looking... mean. Right across the centre of the pool is a volleyball net.

"Shit" Adam says.

"Crap" Leala says.

"Fuck" Sarah says.

"Damn" Damien says.

"Scheiße" I say. And then "No"

Adam, Leala, Sarah and Damien all look at me.

"What?" they demand at the same time.

"We can beat them. I know, I've had experience" 

"You haven't had experience with those people, Aislinn" Leala tells me. "They are the meanest, toughest, most violent people in the whole school. Nobody has ever beaten them"

"We know" Adam puts in.

"We've had experience" Sarah adds

"One each" Damien tells me. The  they all run the index finger of their right hand across their necks.

"Oh look" one of the mean, tough, violent people sneer. "Fresh meat" all of the mean, tough, violent people fix their eyes on me. 

"Aislinn, please say you know how to play volleyball" Leala practically whimpers as we get into the pool. 

"I do. Like I said, I've had experience. I need you to give me info on all of them"

"OK. See that one over there? The girl who looks more like a boy, except anorexically skinny? Susan Mikkis. She was my room mate for one month. Doesn't seem long but it was long enough" Leala turns around to show me scars all across the back of her neck. When I look closer I see that not only are they scars, but they've been made by nails. 

Adam pulls me away "That happened to her just after she disappeared that time I told you about. That guy, over there, looks like a mountain. Andrew Green. I had him as a room mate for three months. It was the worst time of my life" he traces a line down the left side of his face and across his jawline on the left side. I look closer. They're scars. "I was in hospital dorms for a whole week. That was just coz he beat me up once"

"Aislinn" Damien  motions for me to go over to him "That guy, looks more like log than anything else. Michael Sand. Was in a dorm with him for almost half a year. Hated every minute of it" he shows me a scar right in the crease of his elbow. "It was bleeding for half an hour before I could find anybody"

"That girl" Sarah says after Damien pushes me to her. "Looks like your regular slut but ten times worse. Nicole Edmunds. I shared a room with her for almost two years. I felt like killing myself towards the end. She tried to do that for me. Twice" she shows me thick scars on both her wrists. I gasp and she nods. "And that girl. The only one left. She looks... like me. She has it in for any friend of mine and any new person. She put me in hospital when I was eleven years old. They were going to put you in a dorm with her but I begged them to let you fill the space in my dorm. She's called Amelia... Michelli" she sighs.

"Hmm. You saved her life, little sister. But guess what? You and your puny friends are all about to die" Amelia smiles evilly. And then the worst game of my life begins.

The End

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