Michael's Book Analyzation

               After reading 5 chapters of "Life as We Knew It", I have the ability to passionately connect with the story and all of its characters. Although the story is fiction, I can still relate with many parts of it. Mostly I relate with Jonny, Miranda's younger brother. With both enjoy sports a lot. Although we have a different taste in the sports we play, it is still a large aspect of our life. Along with that we are both in middle school.

                It is hard to try to relate to some of the aspects, like what i would do if the moon was closer to the Earth. But i think i would react like Miranda's family by stocking up on supplies. The difference is i would try and help more people than just family. I would try and help my distant relatives and friends along with my family. This is kind of what's happening with the Solomon Island, the water is rising higher on to the shore and flooding towns and other things. This book makes me thrive to want to help those people more. In the book i feel like they should be worrying less about physical objects and more about the people of the country. I think it is a good, thought provoking book. But, I wish it would get the point across in a less feminine way.  

The End

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