Fees have been introduced at Michael Den Day Centre, Clarence Creep Avenue Gants Hill.
Each day every member will be required to pay a fee of £12.50 just to attend, plus £2 every time you visit the toilet.

People who arrive 30 minutes late will be required to pay up to £20 attendance fee.
Other fees include 12p just to lay the table for lunch and 20p just to say the blessing before you eat.
Even sitting down at the dining room table won't be free.
Just before you sit down for lunch you will be charged 34p just to sit down at the dining room table, and if you swear you will have to put 50p into the swearbox on the dining room table.

Here are a list of all the fees that you have to pay at Michael Den Day Centre.

1. Admission charges £12.50
2. Going to toilet £2.00
3. Arriving at the centre late £20.00 
4. Laying the table 12p
5. Saying the blessing before you eat 20p
6. Lunch money £23
7. Second helpings at lunch time £5.00

The lunch money is £23.00, but if you have a second helping you will be required to pay an extra £5.00
The other fees are £2.00 just to sit on the settee and 30p just to wash your hands.
There's also an exit fee.
Just before you leave you will be required to pay £8.00 just to leave the centre to go home, if you haven't you will be required to stay at the centre until a relative can raise money just to get you out of the centre at home time.

The End

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