Michael once told me that my biggest weakness was that I think too much. Looking back on this, it's funny, because I wasn't sure that Michael had the ability to think. This is is perhaps why he was my best friend. Just so you know, I say was although, he's not dead or anything like that, we just went our separate ways. Something happens to people when you don't see them for a certain period of time, it's as though they've changed so much even if they haven't. I was out of the country for a little over 9 months and by the time I got back, nobody looked at me the same, nobody joked with me the same or talked to me like they knew me. It was as though I had vanished  from everyone's memory and they were trying to figure out who I was and what I was like. In some ways this didn't come as a shock. I could even say I expected that from most people, but one thing is certain. I didn't expect it from Michael. Something changed Michael during the time I was away, I wasn't sure who or what, but if I didn't recognise his green eyes, I could have been speaking to just about anyone.

The End

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