The Fight Must Go On

Not being a Maggot, Percy just screamed as Lorden and Dagger-Grimwald tumbled from the very top of the Holt building. On the other hand, Elenia was already trying to contact Lorden, sending out wispy fingers of thought like forest creepers into the night. Whenever she seemed to have a mental grasp on him, he just kept falling out of her grip. Okay then, maybe it was up to her to physically save Lorden. This would take a lot more magic than she had.

Elenia didn’t remember how she made it to the bottom before the men did. Nevertheless she had managed to formulate another plan on the way down and, racing out of the fire-escape door, Elenia made it in time to see Lorden and Grimwald fall past her. She concentrated hard, creating a small platform of dense air that the fighters collapsed onto.

She watched them float ungracefully up in the dawn-air, still throwing punches at each other, and oblivious to the world around themselves.

Weak now, Elenia tried her best to stop the men thrashing at each other and causing Lorden more unnecessary trouble, by summoning two electrostatic shields, impenetrable to magic, to surround them both.

It was painful for Elenia to see Lorden get hurt, but she had to watch them in order to try, in vain, to separate the two dark figures apart with magic. In the little time that Elenia’s shield did managed to create a divide, Elenia thought she saw a silver object fly from the roof and into their war-zone.

Spitting blood from his mouth, Lorden turned (as much as he could in mid-air) back to face Dagger who was also rearing back up. But then the villain stopped.

Dagger, in the body of Grimwald, stared down at his chest, which was starting to stain with dark blood. Elenia noticed the same weapon with black gems and intricate patterns of fire and destruction around its hilt that had been held to Lorden’s neck merely minutes ago.

He had been in command of it so very little ago… And now it was protruding from his chest.

Dagger’s own dagger. How ironic.

He let out a roar as Elenia relaxed a bit and released the air around him, watching the body fall to the floor.

But who had cast the knife? It had come from the roof, therefore Elenia let her gaze wander to the strong figure up there. It was Percy.

That was as much as Elenia remembered before her world blacked out. She had fallen to the hard ground, physically drained.

The End

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