Elenia could instantly sense that Lorden was in more trouble than he had bargained for; it was as though they had a telepathic link or something. After pointing out the Holt building she had tried to convince him that it was a bad idea, but Lorden was intent on helping Percy. Elenia had told him that it was a trap; he had understood but had still gone ahead anyway. Elenia couldn’t really see what Lorden saw in Percy. Yes, she was a nice girl and brave and strong in spirit, but she did not possess any powers and was useless to them except as a hostage.

But if Lorden wanted to save her then Elenia wasn’t going to dwell on it, instead she just went through her own plan again in her head. She would manipulate the soldiers’ plasma-guns out of their hands and hit them round the head with the weapons or make a gun come to herself. The only thing Elenia was afraid of was the fact that she probably couldn’t kill anybody. Even if it was really necessary…

She crept up the way the guards went, watching her every step and twitching at every shadow. If they turned around and spotted her…

Surely they wouldn’t harm the Princess? Though, nowadays, nothing was certain. Even though she hadn’t had a vision for a while, Elenia was still worried about the one where she saw Lorden and the castle in flames. No way would she ever let her castle burn like that.

They may have been able to take The Princess from the castle, but they could never take the castle from The Princess.  

The End

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