On The Roof

From the moment he set foot on the roof of the Holt building, Lorden knew this was a bad idea. Whatever Grimwald had in mind, he was walking straight into it. What was worse was that he was walking into it willingly. It's for Percy, he told himself, you have to do this for Percy. Who knew what the CTOs would do if he didn't. All he could do now was hope he could get out of whatever horror Grimwald had planned for him.

He looked at the sky. Over the rooves of the city, the sun was just beginning to rise over the eastern horizon. Grimwald should be here soon, Lorden thought, stomach clenching at the thought. He shifted uneasily, listening for any sound that could signal the CTOs arrival. Although Elenia was at the bottom of the building, well out of sight, he still felt vulnerable here on his own. He hadn't the slightest intention of surrendering, but he did have to save Percy. How he was going to do that he didn't know. But he knew he had to.

Finally, after what felt like hours, the door to the roof swung open and Grimwald swaggered into view, looking very pleased with himself. Behind him were three CTOs, all armed to the teeth, and standing between them - thin and dirty but still struggling fiercely - was Percy.

"Hello Lorden," said Grimwald smoothly. "It's been a while."

"Give her back." snapped Lorden, his eyes flickering from Percy to Grimwald.

Grimwald laughed, "I don't think so. Do you really think I'm so stupid as to set free the girl who could be the key to my victory? Really Lorden, I thought you were more intelligent than this. Bit of a pity really..."

The back of Lorden's neck prickled, something was wrong here. He didn't like the way Grimwald was looking at him. There was something in his eyes, something malicious, something hell bent on utter destruction. Lorden thought he'd seen it somewhere before, but he couldn't quite remember.

"Now then," said Grimwald, "let's get down to business. Guards!"

With a clatter of arms, half a dozen more CTOs burst onto the roof, all holding enormous guns in their hands. They formed a line behind Grimwald, the muzzles of their weapons pointed straight at Lorden. Grimwald smiled,

"Goodbye Lorden. Have a nice afterlife."

The End

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