New Plan

Lorden was slumped in his chair, head in his hands and muttering angrily under his breath. How could this have happened? They'd planned it so carefully, and yet it still managed to turn into an utter disaster. And the worst part was that he now had no idea what was happening to Percy. He'd tried her PI dozens of times, but every time she never picked up. Or couldn't.

No, Lorden shook his head, he shouldn't be thinking that. And sitting here moping wasn't going to do him or Percy any good either. He had to start thinking. First things first, they had to get Percy back. If the CTOs caught her, she could be in real trouble. If, that was, they hadn't caught her already. But how to find her? There was no way they could get back onto the streets, they were crawling with CTOs and besides, where would they look? They'd have to find some other way of hunting Percy out without being seen themselves. Suddenly, an idea struck.

"Devil's cameras. Of course!" Lorden muttered, getting to his feet and approaching the desk where the dragon-man was dozing lazily in his chair.

"Yes?" Devil drawled, opening one eye lazily.

"How many cameras do you have surfaceside?" Lorden asked brusquely. The dragon thought about it for a moment before answering:

"I'm not sure. I've never tried to count them have I? Still, a few dozen I'd reckon. Why?"

"Because we need to find Percy before anyone else does." replied Lorden. "The CTOs will be on the place like bees to honey and Dagger's still out there."

"Oh, I don't think he'll be a problem any more." replied Devil offhandedly.

"What? What do you mean he won't be a problem? He'd murder us all as soon as look at us!" said Lorden, utterly confused.

Devil sighed. "What I mean, " he said slowly, as if explaining a simple solution to a particularly stupid three-year-old, "Is that Dagger won't be causing any more trouble because he physically won't be able to."

After yet another confused look from Lorden, the dragon gave up.

"He's dead you twit! Now, let's find this friend of yours shall we?"

The End

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