Too Good to be True

Dagger, in Grimwald's guise, was one of the first to get to the source of the alarms. The questioning with the CTOs hadn't been particularly arduous, after all the "criminal" was now dead. He'd watched it himself. One injection into the wrist, a few contortions and it was over. Now, as far as the law was concerned, Dagger was dead.

After blaming himself, or his corpse as the case may have been, for the majority of the problem, Dagger had walked out of the prison a free man. True he was to be watched for six months and be kept on a record, but that was nothing to him. He didn't care what those cretins logged him as. He'd see them all dead before he let them lay a hand on him again.

Being at the palace had been something of a coincidence. He'd heard the alarms from a distance and, following a horde of CTOs who were rushing to see what the commotion was about, Dagger had followed. He suspected the maggots had some hand in the game and wanted to investigate the situation. And exploit it, if he could.

Standing before the locked steel door, Dagger investigated it for a moment before turning back to the other CTOs and barking in Grimwald's rough voice:

"They've altered the code, I can't get in. We'll have to blast it down. I suspect the maggots have a hand in this and I doubt they'll have an escape plan. We can't let them escape!"

Jumping swiftly to obey, a CTO promptly lay the small explosive devices around the base of the door. Everyone took several steps back as, beeping at an almost unebearably high pitch, the door was blown open to reveal a girl standing with a PI clutched in her hand. Dagger recognised her as the girl he'd dragged in from the street all those nights ago.

Percina Oakstaff.

Dagger smiled nastily, the look very out of place on Grimwald's chiselled features. This was just too good to be true. Not only was it one of the maggot's supporters, it was one of the brat Lorden's closest allies. Just when he'd thought this day couldn't get any better, fate handed him the girl on a platter.

All Dagger had to do was crack her and he'd have all Lorden's plans in an instant.

Then he'd be able to make the wretch pay...

Stepping forward out of the knot of CTOs, Dagger confronted the girl with a twisted smile on his face.

"Hello maggot," he hissed maliciously, voice dripping venom, "Remember me?"

The End

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