Life Swap


Dagger got to his feet as his ally came into the room. His eyes flicked to the CCTV in the corner and knew that Grimwald wasn't going to let anything on, especially as there was another CTO in the background.

"This bloke claims you two had an alliance," said the extra, raising his eyebrows at Grimwald. "Is this true, officer?"

Grimwald chanced half a glance at Dagger before slowly starting to speak.

"I - I told this suspect certain things. Certain things that would allow me to gain access to one of the most prolific maggot leaders. His information has led to her death, but his actions were detected and he has been ousted from the circle. He is of no further use to us."

"What?" said Dagger, enraged. "You made a promise!"

"I made no promise," said Grimwald coolly. "No maggot is worth that. I've come to take you to your execution. You are due to be killed by lethal injection -"


Dagger was enveloped in a wave of fury but he was ready for this.

A few nights ago he had found in one of his hidden pockets a small charm the CTOs hadn't found in their search. He had won it from an old mage in the Land of the Long Days, and he'd said it had unfindable, magical properties. Now was the time to see if it worked.

Dagger flicked the glassy orb in the centre of the crystal, and the room was suddenly filled with an intense light. He staggered forward, seizing hold of Grimwald's neck -

- but the other CTO burst in and punched Dagger hard in the face, as the light faded dismally. Grimwald stooped backwards, slightly shocked and looking dazed.

Dagger was soon sprawled on the floor, sedated.

"There we go," said the CTO roughly, ensuring that all the sedation fluid had been syringed into Dagger's neck. "He can die unknowing - not that he deserves it. You know you're going to be interrogated, Grimwald. It's a serious offence, cohorting with a maggot."

"When it was advantageous to the Compliance Team?"

"They won't let this go. You're not out of the woods yet - though it's certainly a lot better than I thought - they wouldn't take it kindly if you'd betrayed the Compliance Team."

Dagger looked down with a satisfied smile at his own sedated body on the floor of his cell. He swept Grimwald's hair out of his eyes, and left Grimwald supine on the floor in his body, waiting to fulfil his own conviction.

The End

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