Broken Ties

  Devil had to pause for a momment.

    "Your joking right?"  he whispered into the intercom.

    "No i'm not Devil you are to unlock the blasted door to let me in! I have taken the princess hostage and need you to open the door so i can take her in."

   Devil looked closely at the hooded figure on the computer screen, his voilet eyes turned to the princess the figure had a good hold on her.  The figure had claimed he was Dagger, his ID prooved it ture. Yet something told Devil it wasn't really Dagger.

     "Are you going to disobey your master?"


     "Then open up this sticken door!" 

   Devil obeyed what choose did he have? He was bound by blood and honor. Shoulders slumped in defeat Devil buzzed the door open for Dagger. The figure on the screen pushed the princess forward and dissappeared. Devil turned to his master as he walked in the control room. But was surprised to see it wasn't Dagger but Lorden with a PI 84 raised.

   "We need to talk. Now." Lorden smiled at Devil's shocked face.

    "How the-?"  Devil had been hoodwinked by none other then a teenager!

    "How did i get Dagger's ID? I'll tell you in good time." Both the princess and Lorden taken a seat.

    "We need you to do something for us..."


    "Your out of your mind!! I Cann't break my oath! Breaking your honor is death for a dragon!" Devil show his head, voilet eyes narrowed.

    "I don't see why not Dagger is a turn coat, he tricked you into giving you his oath! Doesn't that mean anything?" Lorden had been trying to talk Devil into turning against Dagger for hours.

  "Master?" Whitney's new musical voice called from the kitchen.

  "Yes Whitney?" Devil smirked at the surprise in Lorden's eyes.

 "Would you like me to make dinner for 3?"

  "Please. Now where were we?" Devil turned back to Lorden and the princess.

  "I was asking you if you would help us."

  "Lorden you do know that Dagger will try to kill you and that nothing will stop him?" Devil asked. Hopefully the boy wasn't stupid.

  "Yes..yes i do."

 "Good i like humans that aren't fools. I'll help you." Devil stood.

 "What made you change your mind?"

 "When i found out i was hungry and you weren't going to let me  have lunch till i said would help you."


The End

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