Final Revenge

"Let me out you mud-brained idiots! Let me out of here before I blast your heads off! Don't you dare ignore me, get back here now! Get back here you scumbags!"

Dagger's furious cries went unheeded, their echoes bouncing off the hard steel walls of the small, lightless cell the CTOs had dumped him in. Dagger gave a roar of frustration and slammed one of his manacled fists into the wall.

Then, as if all the strength had drained out of him, he slumped to his knees. This was a disaster. How could he have been so stupid as to let the boy dupe him like that? As if the fact it was a trap hadn't been glaringly obvious from the start. If he could, Dagger would have kicked himself. It was over. All his carefully laid plans were now in tatters. The boy had outwitted him, lead him blindly into this mess and given him a beating he wouldn't forget for a long time. Now here he was, chained to the wall of some stinking CTO holding cell, alone and awaiting a decision he already knew the outcome of.

They were going to kill him. Once the CTOs found Grimwald and told him about the fight they would take the case to the court. That god-forsaken snake-pit of a court that had almost cost Dagger his life once before. They wouldn't forget his face, not after he had humiliated them so much the last time.

This time for sure, he would die. After all the years of fighting and scheming, after all the blood, sweat and tears he had poured into his efforts, he would die.

And it was all that boy's fault. That clumsy, self-important little whelp of a boy. Him and his snobby lapdog of an accomplice. They had brought him to this. They had singlehandedly torn apart every hope Dagger had ever had.

"The wretch is just like his father," Dagger hissed to himself, "Always sticking his nose into something he shouldn't. That man was almost as much of a pain as he is. Pity it won't be so easy to arrange his spawn's end. It was so easy to convince the CTOs that Adrian was up to something, just like it was to fool Devil into bonding himself to me. Getting rid of him was a simple matter of treachery." Dagger laughed, remembering Lorden's words. The little upstart still had no idea that it was him who had arranged the attack that lead to his father's death. At least Dagger had that small satisfaction in what otherwise was the biggest disaster of his life.

But he wasn't going to let Lorden get away with what he'd done. His plans may be ruined, but that didn't mean Dagger was going to lie down and die like a common criminal.

If he was going down, he was taking the boy with him. But Dagger wasn't going to kill him outright, no, that would be far too good for him. He was going to make him suffer so much he'd be screaming for death, begging Dagger to finish him off just to end the agony he was going to inflict on him.

When Dagger got his hands on that wretch, he was going to make him wish he'd never been born.

The End

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