Phase Two Begins...

Dagger paced up and down Devil's control room like a crazed metronome. He could feel Devil and Whitney watching him, could almost hear their confusion over his apparent distraction, but he didn't care. He was too busy plotting how best to go about his next move.

He knew Ceridwen was dead. Even without the proof on Devil's cameras, he'd been certain of it. His knife had never failed to kill those it stabbed, and even Ceridwen was no exception to that rule. Stop thinking about her, Dagger reprimanded himself, she was in the way and you got rid of her! It's that simple you dolt!

But, as much as he kicked himself for it, Dagger couldn't stop a feeling creeping into his consciousness. Had he been able to, he would have recognised them as the pangs of regret.

However, that Lorden boy was another matter altogether. He hadn't come into the equation when Dagger had planned his moves all those months ago. If things got difficult, he might cause complications. But even that wretched boy couldn't stop him now. The plan would go ahead, just as he had planned it.

"Right." he said, halting his pacing suddenly in front of Devil, "There's been a change of plan. Whitney is to find Elenia and Oakstaff's grandaughter and ensure they are kept away from prying eyes until I return. You, Devil, will keep an eye on the boy. If he does anything that could jeopardise the plan, make sure you stop him. Permenantly if necessary. Once you have the girls, stay out of sight until I get back." Dagger narrowed his pale eyes and looked threateningly at Devil, "Any failure to comply with these plans will result in a good deal of pain for you. Don't let me down."

Before Devil could reply, Dagger turned and disappeared out of the control room door, moving as swiftly and silently as a shadow. He needed to find Grimwald and start instigating the next stage in his plan. If the snivelling weakling disagreed with his actions, well, he was hardly vital. Grimwald had done his job. Now it was time for Dagger to step in. 

Those pompous monarchs wouldn't be around for much longer if he had his way.

The End

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