Elenia woke to a throbbing pain between her eyes. Although she had a luxury room, for a Magic User, the ground still wasn’t meant to be used as a mat to fall onto.

“Whitney!” She cried. She cursed into the darkness that her room was now in. Many plasma-bulb shards were lying at her feet; no matter how long Elenia had been unconscious she could tell that no-one had bothered to come and check up on her. She should have known Whitney would change sides; should have seen it when she couldn’t read her mind…

The Princess stood up, a little weak from the force of the plasma-gun shots at her chest, and, after swaying slightly, glanced down the empty corridors. Taking to account all the things Lorden had said, and the past month of new pain, she made her decision.

Elenia ran and ran.


Getting across to the castle hadn’t actually been too hard. Some of the city was in chaos, and Elenia had seen some people getting their plasma-guns ready, but mostly it was quite quiet in Dartoc-6. The Princess had escaped the underground via a series of little passages Lorden had told her about. She laughed at how easy it had been to get him to tell her about the ones he knew. Firstly, there was the one they had used to secretly cross to Professor Oakstaff's home, but that led no further, and even if it did, there would be no chance she could make her way undetected through the ingenius man's dwelling. Next was not just one tunnel, but a string of them, branching out from a secret entrance (stereotypically conceiled behind a tapestry) near Elenia's room. These lead to nearly all the main parts of the city: easy places to steal food, or supplies, or anything from, houses where Maggots may be living, and one that lead, almost directly, to the rear entrance of the palace. Well that explained how the traitor, Whitney-to say that name now made Elenia quiver with anger, managed to take The Princess from her chamber without being spotted for a while. 

Elenia knew she had let the Maggots down by running home even if it meant leaving Lorden, with whom she knew she had a connection…even if it was just via their magic skill. The vision that she had a couple of days earlier played in her mind, especially as the Palace came into view. But, a little ironically, that was why The Princess had taken this opportunity to return-she needed to talk with her mother. Elenia knew now, for certain, that the woman’s voice in the vision had been that of her mother’s. Why, then, was she with Lorden? Elenia was used to her visions running like dreams, flowing, changing, not making sense, but this one had pushed the boundary of Elenia’s curiosity. It was just too improbable.


Elenia managed to dodge past the CTOs around the Palace by using her ‘skill’ to make their minds believe that she was a new servant girl. The only thing The Princess would have to look out for were magic scanners and other magic users who could detect her through the disguise.

Finally Elenia reached the door to Queen Ophelia chambers. There were no guards as this was a secluded part of the Palace. Even after her kidnap, Elenia knew that her mother would still like to be left in her own peace. The young girl knocked, very traditionally, on her mother’s door, and, hearing a faint greeting, gently pushed it open.

What was she going to say?


“Oh, Elenia, dear Princess! How have you escaped from those horrible Maggots? How are you feeling? Are you okay? Is there any-”

“Mother.” Elenia put up a hand to tell her to stop. Then she knew what she wanted to say:


“Mother. Tell me about my father.”

The End

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