Whitney couldn't move, she couldn't see either. What had Lorden done to her? She had tried time after time to reboot her systems but had failed everytime. It was dark, where was she? Nothing in her data base could tell her what was happening. Whitney  lay still wondering what would happen next.

   Damadge report: All units destoried, can't repair

   Power level: 0%

  Was this it? Was she dying? 

    Code 1FB activating in 10 secounds.

   Whitney felt her data base scream in rage she didn't want to die. Not this way! Not with so much hatered and saddeness buried inside her.

  Code 1FB: 8 secounds

  She hated Devil! For giving her this body in the first place. She hated Dagger for ordering her to hurt a friend. Yet..with this body she had know feelings. Whitney had made friends, she thought back to the time spent with Elenia.  Well at least her friend could stand on her own now.

  Code 1FB: 6 secounds

   Whitney mentally smirked hopefully Dagger wouldn't get away with this, she felt sorry for Devil though he was bond to a vow. Did she feel any love for him? None.  Whitney hoped that both would go up in smoke together.

 Code 1FB: 4 secounds

  Files transfer to safe file: 100%

 Whitney blinked safe file? When had that happened? Whitney didn't remember having a back up file?

 Code 1FB: 2 secounds till destruction

  Whitney felt a moment of fear before she was lost to all darkness.


   Thank the God and Goddess for techonlogy and back up systems. Devil had just finished downloading Whitney's files into a new body. This one held no stupid emotions or feelings to get in the way of work.

  Devil turned to the sound of  moaning. "Welcome back to the living Whitney, or should i say Whitney 2.0. Try not to destory this body also."  Devil smiled as Whitney looked down at her hands shocked.

 "What the-! Why does my voice sound funny?" Whitney checked out the rest of her body.

 "I got rid of that annoying voice of yours, don't you like this one better? It sounds musical. But your voice isn't the only this i've changes, though you look the same i've upgrade you weapons, you know have over thousands of choices of every sharp, pointy weapon know to man. A nice body that can suck in any man or female from over a hundered miles, plus you can change your looks when you want. And my favorite the sex kitten button." Devil pushed a black button and cat ears and tail appeared on Whitney.

 "Enough play Devil, we don't have time for this." Dagger stepped out of the shadows.


The End

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