True Colours Revealed.

The seconds seemed like hours to Dagger as he stood there, plasma in one hand, long, wickedly curved knife hidden in the sleeve of the other. He thought he'd planned this all out, had set out exactly what he was going to do. Who would be the one to find a knife sticking out of their shoulder blades and who would end up with a few mere bruises.

But now, he was unsure.

True Grimwald promised him a way out of this subterranean dungheap, but could he really trust him? He was CTO after all, and would probably shoot him just as soon as help him.

Not that Ceridwen was much better. He had fought on her side for years, listened to her plans and made sure all of them were executed with no problems. She'd confided in him, told him things no-one else was told. She'd trusted him.

But she didn't respect him. To her, all he was was another asset to use at her disposal. She was glaring at him now through frozen eyes. He could feel her rage burning into him, almost hear the half-formed screeches in her mind.

Traitor. Traitor. Traitor.

Daggers smirked and unsheathed the knife. Yes, he was a traitor. But he was a traitor with ambition, who knew what he wanted and wouldn't stop until he got it. No matter who he had to betray.

Stepping forwards, Dagger looked straight into Ceridwen's frozen face, a cruel smile curling his lip.

"Nothing personal." he hissed maliciously.

Then, releasing the holding spell, he shoved the knife hard into her stomach. She screamed and fell, clutching the wound. Dagger laughed and turned to Grimwald, who was staring at the scene with eyes like saucers and mouth agog. Dagger narrowed his eyes:

"Well, get on with it you fool! I've dealt with her, now get a move on before half the slums are on us!" he snapped, giving the CTO an irritable kick in the shins.

Grimwald just stared at Ceridwen, moaning miserably. Dagger rolled his eyes:

"Who cares about her now? One of her little stooges will be along to pick her up soon enough. Let's just hope she bleeds to death before they do. Now, unless you want to end up in a similar situation get a goddam move on!"

Grimwald looked at him, pale-faced and with shock written all over his features, then turned and raced off. Dagger turned to follow, but as he left he heard Ceridwen gasp a few words.

"Why Dagger? Why?"

Dagger gave her a small smile, then turned and disappeared after Grimwald, leaving his former ally bleeding in the dust behind him.

The End

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