Fighting The Future

Elenia’s head pounded.

It felt like she had done a thousand battles against Lorden and the Professor after only a couple with Witney. It was physically exhausting as well as emotionally draining her…powers and therefore putting more pressure onto her mind to keep in control. The Princess was still not comfortable about her gift but at least, when trained properly, it would give her insight into Lorden’s mind.


They hadn’t really talked much in private since the first encounter, but Elenia didn’t know whether she could really trust that maggot yet. He was so obviously for this rebellion and it didn’t help that he had affected emotions when the lady Ceridwen was near. Elenia didn’t need to read his mind to see that he was attracted to Ceridwen, Lorden’s glistening eyes gave his emotions away all too clearly.  Not that the two of them actually saw their… leader very much. Elenia guessed that she was away planning a stratagem to get Magicians back into society. Like King Tyranuus would do that! He would never risk his reputation for his stepdaughter, even though it would break his wife’s heart.

 Witney had been strange lately. She was acting less like a friend now, and more like a…well, Elenia didn’t know. The only picture that Elenia could compare with Witney’s new attitude was one of a Central Processing Unit giving orders to make a computer work properly. Witney was leading Elenia only the way that she wanted, strangely, it seemed against the Professor’s ideas… And Witney had called her ‘A weak princess’. Weak? Ha! Elenia would show her! Elenia would get so powerful she would have Witney in her command, and there would be nothing she could do to prevent it.

The vision came then.

Flames rose from the highest turret of the palace, burning their way through Elenia’s room, destroying terribly expensive family relics and priceless childhood memories. There were screams; the screams of dying friends and family members, then a darkness came over the palace. A darkness too black to be that of mourning. A darkness of evil and fear.  Out of this darkness came Lorden, cackling like a maniac, but behind him, trying to restrain him, was an older man, hair starting to grey, wearing a disappointed expression. Elenia would have said it was Lorden for all the similarities, but the man was far to old to be Lorden.

A young, confident female voice cut through then, “What about the…monsters? The others?” The man turned beside him and said to nobody, “There won't be any monsters. Not anymore. That’s why I have to go…”

A painful vision. No, Elenia could never be that powerful; she would not let herself be the cause of her step-father’s death and her Kingdom’s downfall.

 Besides, Elenia thought, I am weak. I can’t even beat Lorden in a silly duel. She was missing Matt, wondering what he would be thinking about, would he be worried about her disappearance? What would he think if he found out about her connections with the magic community? No, he would never know…

 Wrenching her thoughts from her, a knock came at the door.

“Come in…” Elenia said reluctantly. Lorden? She sensed. What did he want with her at this time of day?

The End

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