Whitney 1 Elenia 0

Over the past few weeks Whitney's friendship with Elenia grew. Whitney liked Elenia, she trusted her, and Whitney didn't trust people easily.  There was something about Elenia that drew her to her, like  bee's to honey.

 With her white eye's Whitney watched her friend and Lorden duel each other. Elenia had a long way to go if she wanted to fight  Lorden , she had just surprised him with her attack.  She smiled maybe she could help her friend out a little. Whitey had an idea, one that could just might work. 

   When lunch time came around Whitney asked Elenia to meet her in the training center after lunch. Elenia looked slintly pluzzled but she agreed to come.

   "So what did you want to see me about?" Elenia asked walking into the training center.

     "I want you to fight me."

  Elenia laughed. "I'm not as weak as when you kidnapped me before." 

   "I know but i think i can take you."  Whitney took a fighting stance. "Come on hit me with your best shot."

 Elenia smiled. "Ok if you want to get beat up that badly." She closed her eyes sending an attack with her mind.

   Whitney felt it coming and flicked it of with a wave of her hand, stricking Elenia down with the weight of her mind. "Did you really think you could fight me with the same tricks you used on Lorden?"

  Elenia fell to her knees, gritting her teeth in pain. Whitney felt a push against her power, she increased the pressure on Elenia.

  "Why are you doing this?" Elenia barely choked out.

  "I'm going to teach you how to fight. A weak princess like yourself can't protect yourself fully." Whitney drew her power back. "Get up, your going to learn how to box, and do those cool karate kicks from the movies. Your lacking phsyical strenght i'm going to help you get some."  

  Elenia groaned but got up. "Who apointed you my phsyical trainer again?"

     Whitney blew a whistle. "Back talk will ge you 50 push-ups you want to do push-ups?"

   Elenia rolled her eyes. "No coach."

  Whitney smiled, she could tell that Elenia was going to get great results from this training.

The End

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