The True Traitor

Dagger held the knife to Percy's throat. He could feel her breath coming in short, panicked gasps. From experience, Dagger knew that if she began to get much more worked up, Percy would become reckless, therefore making her dangerous. Anyone who was unpredictable and had nothing left to lose was hard to control, and Dagger had to remain in control of the situation, or things might get out of hand.

A crowd was already beginning to gather. People began to point and shout obscene things, if he didn't make a decision soon, Dagger would have a full-scale riot on his hands.

Moving as fast as he could, Dagger made a smoke screen. As the witnesses coughed and choked blindly, he grabbed Percy and dragged her off in the direction of one of the entrances to the Underground. 

Dagger shoved Percy down the hole and heard the thump at the bottom as she hit the cement floor below. He jumped nimbly down and hauled her up by the collar again, quickly making sure that she was still conscious and alive. He could use this girl to his advantage, regaining Ceridwen's favor, and also managing to throw suspicion off of himself for a little while.

Dagger navigated the tunnels quickly, despite having to haul a screaming girl around with him. Occasionally she would kick and put up a bit more of a fight, but a quick prod from his sharpened knife would put her back in her place. 

As he approached Ceridwen's office, he ran his fingers through his hair and attempted to make himself presentable. In the highly polished metal doors, Dagger straightened his clothes and wiped the dirt off his face. Finding his appearance more suitable, Dagger rang the bell next to the door. 

When it opened, he approached Ceridwen, who was seated at her cluttered desk.

"I found the one who has been feeding information to the CTOs. Her grandfather has been telling her things and sending her to report to Grimwald, who is paying her and her grandfather for the information."

It wasn't the news that the beloved Professor Oakstaff was betraying the cause that startled Ceridwen, it was the mention of Grimawald. 

The End

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