First Meeting

Lorden opened the door. Elenia shrieked.

"What are you doing here?"

Lorden looked at her, momentarily quelled by her shock and indignation.

"I just prefer talking - face to face, if you know what I mean. Thought-speaking is rough."

"Oh - oh, I don't blame you," she said. "Come in then."

Lorden came in quietly, still acting as though he'd done something wrong, and doing his best to be polite at the same time. Elenia noticed, with mild amusement, that he was not defiant or coarse to her as he was to Ceridwen. At least my status still earns me respect, even amongst barbarians, she said.

"Barbarians?" said Lorden, his eyebrows raising.

"What?" Oh, damn!

"Not nice, is it?"


"The thought-speaking."


"You should see what Ceridwen did to me when she heard - anyway," Lorden added hastily. "You, er - wanted to know -"

"I recognised you as soon as you entered my cell," said Elenia coolly. "You've visited me in my dreams before, it was most curious."

"Can't say I've ever visited anyone in my dreams before," said Lorden, shrugging. "Don't usually leave that much of a good impression ..."

Elenia didn't respond to this feeble stab at humour. "Yes, but I don't think they're normal dreams. They were much clearer. I knew exactly who you were, that you were a magic-user, and you lived on the streets ..."

"So you've been dreaming about me for a while, then?"

"No, not really ... only about a month."

"And you never had anything happen to you like this before?"


"Maybe you're coming into your powers. I did when I was fourteen."

"Fifteen, actually."

"I've actually been practising with them, though. I reckon you've been, like - trying to shut them out, or something. That's sort of why they went out of control."

"What, so you're saying I'm a witch?"

"What's a witch?"

"Oh, well, you don't know, you're not educated on Ancient history. What I meant was ... I think i have foresight of some kind, like seeing into the future."

"How can it? I've lived on the streets for years, and that was in the past."

"Well, I don't know, do I? How am I supposed to know about something I've been brought up to hate?"

"I'm sorry Your- er ... Elenia."

She remained glaring at him. Lorden took this as a cue to leave. He shut the door as quietly as he could behind him, as if a loud noise might make her explode.

The End

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