Who is Lorden?

Elenia missed her room. She missed her boyfriend. She even missed the boring lessons with Ms. Chatterham, and her mother’s awkward formalities. Down here (at least Elenia assumed they were underground, but the dark ceiling did not give any clues away) she was still treated well, but it was nothing like the palace. It had nothing that really spoke out to her: ‘you are home now’. In addition, there was nothing to do, and Elenia was so bored just playing with the thoughts and memories in her mind.

Lorden. Elenia whispered the word to see how it felt on her tongue. It certainly wasn’t a stranger to her mouth, but back then she had said the word unwittingly-by chance, and the force of her…magic…getting stronger. The Princess shivered, though not from the room’s lack of temperature, and drew the soft lilac shawl she had found stuffed in the back of the wardgown, closer around her shoulders.

Lorden…the mysterious beggar boy she had seen in her dreams, had now jumped straight out of them, and into the confusing nightmare that was her life at the moment. Elenia had known it was him as soon as her sapphire eyes had met with his dark chocolate ones. The messy hair, the scruffy clothes, and even his amusing attempt at being polite; it all felt like she had known him throughout her life.

Lorden. If words had taste or music, this word would be bitter and dark; she closed her eyes and saw only pain and a past full of death. Who was such a boy to have all this destruction in his name? And even now he was involved in the plot to kidnap her. “It’s impossible to hide your powers. They just get bigger and bigger until you have to use them ... and if you don't, you start causing damage." He had said. Was that true? Elenia’s mind flickered back to that day when all it took to destroy the lights of the dining room was a single scream. Was that what Lorden had meant? Why, then, had her powers never shown before?

Lorden. Whispering it one more time, to make sure this just wasn’t one of those realistic dreams she had, and to, at least attempt, to stop the flow of her brain swirling back to him, Elenia closed her eyes again and leant back on the cotton bed. Salty tears ran down her cheeks as her fists curled into balls. There was that rise of anger once more, and the taps spun round violently, spitting out water like it was acid to their lips. Elenia jumped off the bed, and rushed to turn them off.

"Everyone here helps each other to learn their powers, you'll learn soon," the lady Ceridwen had mentioned in passing, and it was that that made up Elenia's mind to stay. She would learn how to control her… ‘powers’, and once that was done, she would be out of here. Out of this nightmare and back into her real life.


Your Majesty, is that you? A voice in Elenia’s head said suddenly.

What? Who is this? Get out! Elenia sent a stabbing thought back.

But you called me…I’m not even a hundred percent sure how to speak telepathically yet… The voice said hesitantly back

Called? I did no such thing! Elenia replied.

Okay…? Um, well maybe you did it…by accident… Elenia could hear the tone that this voice did not want to admit she had made a mistake. Were you thinking of anybody, or saying a name powerfully, whilst thinking of magic?

Elenia thought back at first to Matt, but then realised the piece that fitted into the missing space.


Yes, Your Majesty?

Stop calling me that! Remember it’s always ‘Elenia’-I hate all the formalities…

A pause, then Lorden replied, Sorry Elenia. 

I didn’t mean to ‘call’ you, explained Elenia, but I can’t yet control my powers. I see things that are happening far away, and when I’m really in distress I can break things with my mind.

I had that too, before I started lessons…They will help, you know.

Yes, I do believe you…Lied Elenia, Anyway! Now that we can talk there’s something I’ve been wanted to ask you for a while, boy from my dreams…


Who are you?

The End

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