Frustrated... and Confused

Dagger stalked angrily out of the room and disappeared down the corridoor, Ceridwen screeching after him:

"Don't you dare walk out on me! Come back here this moment! Dagger!"

Snorting, Dagger ignored her and continued to wind through the labyrinth of twisting passages, hissing furiously under his breath. That woman! That irritatingly cryptic, confounding, stubborn-mindied woman! Why wouldn't she tell him what was going on? It had been her that told him to kidnap the princess in the first place, her that told him what to do with her when she was underground and now she wouldn't tell him what she was going to do with her?

This didn't add up. Ceridwen wasn't the sort of person to send him on a pointless task for no other reason than her own satisfaction. She just didn't work like that.

But why wouldn't she talk to him? He'd asked her a thousand times what her plan was, even suggested a few ideas as to how to improve any plans she may have, but she just shrugged and told him she had it covered. When he asked what her plans were, she ignored him. He'd tried every trick he had to get a few words out of her, but all he'd got in response was a sharp glare and being told to shut up and leave her alone.

The ensuing fight had probably woken the whole compound.

Eventually Dagger made his way to the exit and strode out into the main streets of the slums, lettting his mind lose itself in the buzz of activity while he tried to make sense of Ceridwen's actions.

She was obviously keeping something from him, something important that she didn't want anyone else to know about. Not even her most trusted confiance whom she'd known since childhood. Something twinged inside his chest, something that suddenly made Dagger feel very lonely. For one moment he was a young boy again, alone and scared in a world that had forsaken him. Then Ceridwen had appeared, someone to help him, to watch his back. To trust him.

Dagger shook his head. What was he thinking? Why was he getting bogged down in these ridiculous memories? Those times were long gone, and he had something far more important to worry about.

Ceridwen's secret wouldn't be staying secret for long if Dagger had his way.

The End

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