"Whitney, I have a new task for you. I want you to keep an eye on Dagger from now on and to report everything you find out to me. Do not let him notice you." 

     Whitney remembered how Devil's voice had sounded angry. What had made him so angry? There was nothing in her data base about what caused angry only the definition.

     What would it be like to experience feelings?  To be happy, what would it feel like? Would it feel like sunshine on a warm day or the cold of a winter morning?

      Whitney felt steel bite into her hand, she looked down to see that she had accidently cut herself with the chopping knife. She stared at her hand, crimson blood dripped down the pale hand like a dripping faucet. Whitney knew it would be best to bandage the wound, but she just stared at the dripping hand.

       Computers don't bleed.

        Computers don't feel.

      Yet she had done both. Whitney flecked her fingers, wincing when she felt a flash of pain where she had been cut. Quickly she put her hand under cold water, and then wrapped it in a dish towel. She went back to chopping, listening to Dagger and Ceridwen argue over what to do with the princess.

        Pain hurts. Whitney thought as she stirred the chopped vegetables into the stew, pouring the thick stew into a bowl and then setting it on a tray, with a glass of milk and a white roll. Balancing the tray on one hand she walked to the dining room past Dagger as he bickered with Ceridwen. Whitney came to a stop in front of Elenia, setting the tray in front of her.

       "Thank you...” Elenia said picking up the wooden spoon and tasting the stew. "You can go now." 

        Whitney looked down at the princess as she sipped stew gracefully.

        "Tell me...What does love feels like?" the words came out of Whitney's mouth in a whisper. Her wounded hand reached for the device that connected her and Devil and turned it off, dropping it into her skirt pocket. She took a seat next to Elenia.

        "I want to know...what it’s like..."

  Elenia gave her a curious look. "I don't know I haven't been in love yet...But I’ve heard it’s wonderful..."

        "Then tell me all you've heard?" Whitney asked eagerly. Her white eyes shining, as she asked question after question to Elenia, who tried her best to answers each one but soon gave up and told Whitney to slow down.


    Could this be the beginning of a new friendship?




The End

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