Knowledge is Power

Deep in his underground control room, Devil reclined in his chair, his slanted, purple eyes darting back and forth between the many different displays and one razor-sharp claw tapping rhythmically against his equally sharp teeth. The control room was small, constructed entirely from concrete, and completely bare other than the chair and an impressive array of computer monitors and telescreens that lined one wall. There were no lights in the room apart from the glaring display screens which cast an eerie, bleached glow over the whole room and glimmered off of the dragon's golden scales. Devil smiled.

There were definitely perks to knowing everything. Knowledge was power and Devil had perhaps more knowledge than anyone alive. And it was all displayed on the dozen or so computer screens in front of him.

With a lazy thought that the many electrodes attached to his skull instantly registered, he brought up a live feed from the princess's cell and watched with some quiet appreciation as Ceridwen manipulated the girl. The woman had gall, that was for sure, and she was both calculating and persuasive besides. Devil respected that. Were she a dragon, she would have been great. But she was just another human, one among billions, and in some ways she was just like the rest of them.

Growing bored with the scene, Devil let his eyes flick over to the stream that was always being supplied by Whitney. Currently, he had set her to work attempting to hack CT codes. No success yet.

Whitney. His masterpiece.

Whitney was sheer brilliance that could only have come from the mind of a dragon. A computer given a human body; and CT's supercomputer no less.

It had been his idea to create his own living, thinking being, and to use it as a weapon of unbelievable power. One of the powers of a dragon is to take on the form of a mortal, and so, with an infusion of Devil's own blood, a spell, and more than a little help from Dartoc-6's experimental cloning facility, he had done it. He had created Whitney.

Whitney had been a goldmine of information and power. The Compliance Teams had really trusted far too much to their supercomputer. Whitney had been able to provide all of CT's files on the entire database prior to her creation. She also had all of their codes, and while they had changed most of these by now, Devil still had access to CT's surveillance system which was invaluable.

Devil opened up a new window that showed the surveillance feed of a CTO named Grimwald, who, Devil had learned, had been put on the case of tracking down the kidnapped princess. He was quite surprised when he heard the voice of Dagger rasping in over the speakers.

"My resources are at your disposal my friend. Consider me your eyes and ears on the street. You have my word on my confidentiality. I'll contact you when I find something. You'll know if it's me."

Devil's eyes narrowed. What was the human playing at? He had thought that Dagger was with Ceridwen. But of course, humans were allowed to break their word as they wished. They were not bound by ancient magic as dragons were. That was something he and Whitney had in common. Oh, some would say that what he had told Whitney had been a lie. But that had not been a lie; he had simply omitted the facts, he had been unfair. But Dagger was lying to someone here, whether it was Grimwald or Ceridwen he did not know.

It would not be the first time either, thought Devil, recalling the time when Dagger had tricked the young dragon into swearing his allegiance to him. A snarl formed on Devil's face, a formidable sight had anyone been watching. Someday he would get back at Dagger; someday he would find a way around the oaths that bound him.

Devil sent a command through the gel mic that was secured to the corner of his mouth.

"Whitney, I have a new task for you. I want you to keep an eye on Dagger from now on and to report everything you find out to me. Do not let him notice you."

The End

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