Wild Goose Chase

The whole palace was in chaos.

When the CTO's finally got there, Percy was questioned for several hours since she was the only witness. After that was over, Percy herself went around and asked other servants who the maid was and if they had seen her around before the kidnapping, but all had said they only thought her to be a new employee.

Who could jump out of a window, fall all the way to the ground, and still manage to get up and walk away unhurt?

The answer was simple: a magic user.

The CTO's had probably come to the came conclusion, but while they were busy looking up data with their computer, Percy was actually out doing work. She had grabbed her magic scanner and tried to trace the residuals that magic leaves behind, but the scanner was too old, and its readings had become less and less reliable lately.

By the end of her first day doing her own investigation, Percy was beat. Her feet ached from running all around the city on false alarms and ghost traces.

She had two options:

  1. Run around the city on a wild goose chase and accomplish nothing.
  2. Or go see Professor Oakstaff.

The second option seemed like less of a waste of time, and she was sure that if she asked nicely, he would loan her some money she could purchase a newer scanner. Sentimentality had led her to hold onto her old one for so long, but the Princess' life was at steak. There was no room for error. 

With this thought in mind, she went back to her room to count up all her credits. When she finished, she put them in her pocket and prepared to go to the slums to see the Professor.

The End

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