Like a Double-Bladed Knife

There wasn't a living soul in sight when Dagger appeared in the deserted alleyway at the easternmost border of RedLamp District. Stepping out of the shadows like a tall, dark ghost, he looked up and down the narrow gap between two derelict building before making his way out into the main street, black eyes gleaming eerily in the lamplight. His gaze locked on a second figure on the other side of the street, also lurking in the shadows, looking distinctly uncomfortable. Dagger smiled nastily, even CTOs got scared sometimes. It gave him kicks to watch them squirm.

"You wanted to see me I believe?" he called out, not even attempting to hide the laughter in his voice.

He already knew what Grimwald wanted to see him about. He would be wondering if he knew anything about the princess' kidnapping earlier that day. Dagger had to bite his lip to keep from laughing. Of course he knew about the affair. He'd organised it after all.

Grimwald trotted briskly across the street, nervous gaze flicking around like a crazed bat.

"Yes, yes I did want to see you. You've probably heard about it by now though. The princess was kidnapped by a maid this morning, and we have no idea of her whereabouts." he gave Dagger a hard look, "I was wondering if you knew anything about it?"

Dagger smirked "Maybe I do."

Grimwald snarled, "Don't play games with me Dagger. I know all your little tricks, now please, tell me what you know."

"All I've heard is that the maid displayed strange characteristics. Characteristics that may be linked to magic in some way. I also know that she was last seen not long after the incident, making her getaway in a hovercar. I also know that there were several co-conspirators involved in the plot." he raised his eyebrows at Grimwald, "Do you want me to chase up anything else? Or can the Chief CTO handle this little case himself?"

Grimwald glared at Dagger, seething at the malice in his voice, but after a few moments sighed and looked detectedly at his boots: "Yes. I need your help again. I don't know who else to turn to. This is a matter of huge importance, and I can't risk any news getting out. I know you won't go spreading information. So, will you help? I have the credits here."

The CTO produced a small wallet, opening it to reveal a large wad of plastic cards, each with a value printed on them. Dagger curled his lip contemptuously, but slapped Grimwald's shoulder amicably anyway.

"My resources are at your disposal my friend. Consider me your eyes and ears on the street. You have my word on my confidentiality. I'll contact you when I find something. You'll know if it's me."

Looking relieved, Grimwald pushed the wallet into Dagger's hand. The two nodded to each other briefly, then Grimwald turned and strode off into the night. Dagger watched him leave, an evil smile on his scarred face.

These people were so easy to fool. A few honeyed words and they were putty in his hands. Never had treachery been so lucreative.

Now he knew why his associates called him a double-bladed knife. No matter who's side you were on, he would still stab you in the back in the end.

The End

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