Grimwald inwardly grimaced as one of his men gave a report. The news as bad, and heads were going to roll. Mainly his.

"So what you're saying is this: The princess was captured by a maid, who then proceeded to jump out the tower window, with the princess, and to the ground below, still holding the princess, and then this maid got up and escaped?" Grimwald bellowed at the man before him.

"Yes sir," the unfortunate CTO mumbled.

"And where were all our men while this was going on?"

"They tried to stop the kidnapping, sir, but the maid had plasma guns and they were afraid to fire at the kidnapper, lest they hit the princess."

"Did you do a background check on this maid?"

"As best I could sir, but she isn't in the database, and the supercomputer still isn't functioning properly, so I had to use an older model. It's not as thorough. The scientists are working to fix the supercomputer, but they don't know when it will be up and running again."

"We need to up security in the castle. Send our ten best men there to help with the investigation. I'll be attending to this one personally as well. You are dismissed." 

The CTO gave a brisk nod and walked quickly from Grimwald's office.

Grimwald knew that he would have to track down the kidnapper soon, or else things could get out of hand. He had no doubt who was behind it. The magic users had been growing in number and power lately, and there was little the authorities could do about it except catch the few they could track down. 

He had to admit it though, these magicians really had guts. But their real resistance had begun once that boy Lorden had escaped. He was key somehow, but Lorden was no different from any other ragamuffin from the red lamp district that practiced illicit magic. Grimwald had already questioned his caretaker as to where the boy might have gone, but she didn't know. 

The caretaker did know about his parents, however, and gave information about the boy's past. His father was a magic supporter who had helped the magicians escape from the asylums where they were being experimented on. During a confrontation with the CTO's, he was shot and killed. The boy's mother went missing around the same time as the first magician roundup, she was a suspected magician, but never actually caught. Her whereabouts were still unknown. 

The woman that cared for the boy never told how she had come to take care of him, or why, but Grimwald had his suspicions. She was probably just some friend of the family that would rather take care of the boy than let some strangers take him, but once again, he had no way of knowing. 

Grimwald had to know, and there was only one person he could trust to be discreet about the investigation. The price would be high, but Grimwald made a good amount of money as Chief CTO and feared losing his job to some young hothead. The King was angry over the kidnapping of his daughter and expected results, fast. 

His mind made up, Grimwald took his coat off the hook by the door, and went off in search of the man he desperately needed to find:


The End

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