30 minutes

    " 30 mintues..." Devil had told her...

  Whitney had 30 minutes to get the princess and get out of her before Devil came to get her. After she had gotten the message she had sprinted into action dropping the dish she had been washing and running to the princess room. Whitney had pulled out a bomb knowing the door would be locked, she placed it on the door handle. Not even jumping when the door blew open, she walked in to see two fearful faces, turned to the door

     "Hello, I'm here to kidnap you," she addressed Princess Elenia in a voice completely devoid of emotion. "If you resist you will be ruthlessly massacred. I hope, for your sake, that you cooperate."  Whitney hit Percy with the butt f her gun, knocking her out. Whitney stepped over the fallen Percy, walking towards Elenia.

  Elenia's eyes widen and she opened her mouth taking in a deep breath. Whitney reacted quickly puting the nose of her gun into the princess throat, in a cold emotionless voice she whispered to Elenia.

"If you scream i shall kill you here and now, do not even think about calling for help because i will kill you and who ever you call for help. Do you understand?" The princess nodded. "Good.." Whitney took the gun out hitting the princess upside the head with the butt of the gun. Bending over she throw Elenia over her shoulder, like a rag doll.

 "Stop right there!" a voice called to Whitney. She turned to find two garuds both with guns pointed at her. "Drop the princess!!!"

  Whitney checked her watch. Only 10 minutes left, she didn't have time to be playing with toys. In the cornner of her eyes she saw a floor lenght window, looking down at D6. She backed up slowly. Guessing what she was about to do the gaurds fired. With a tight hold onto the princess Whitney jumped. Glass bit into her skin painfully as she fell down, the lights of D6 city getting brighter and closer as she fell, faster and faster.  Whitney bent her knee's letting the balls of her high heel covered feet take the impact. Shaking off the fall she kicked off her shoes, and ran off on foot to the meeting place, where a hover car picked them up taking them the rest of the way to the undeground .


The End

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