"I just can't believe it," she said again, sinking onto the bed.

Elenia felt close to tears. She and Percy hadn't had a proper chance to talk until a few days after the incident. What with suitors coming to call and all sorts of annoying appointments cropping up, Elenia hadn't had the time for much of anything at all, much less think about the strange happenings of that fateful day. Oh, how terrible that day had been! Elenia wished that she could simply erase it from her life and continue living as though it had never happened. But there was no denying it now. Percy had brought her proof.

"It's not my fault," Elenia whimpered as though someone had accused her of something terrible. "I don't know why -- why me? Of all people! It's not my fault. . . ."

"Of course it's not your fault," said Percy bracingly. "And it's not as though you've done anything wrong, my lady."

"Oh, do stop calling me that!" Elenia snapped, not looking at Percy. "Why is there always such formality? My name's Elenia and it'd be nice if someone would call me that once in a while."

She moaned. "What if someone finds out? What am I going to do? Oh God, I feel like this is all a dream. I wish it were."

"Listen, it'll be alright," Percy was telling her. "I've called Professor Benjamin. He's an expert on this sort of thing. Used to work in Medblocks analyzing magical cases."

"Oh, and now they're going to throw me into some sort of asylum or something?" cried Elenia. "I didn't ask for you to do that!"

"No, he's not like that, he just said --"

"Easy for you to say!" Elenia lashed out. "You're a maggot-lover! You're drooling to have this curse I've got, aren't you?"

She could see how much these words hurt and confused the servant girl. She instantly felt terrible.

"I'm sorry," Elenia mumbled. It was perhaps the first time Elenia had ever spoken those two words with any real sincerity. It was the first time she had ever needed to.

"It's just, I can't -- I don't --"

And then she really did break down into tears. She couldn't help it. The unfairness of the situation burned in her throat.

She felt a hand tentatively pat her shoulder. Elenia looked up and gave Percy a watery smile.

"Thanks, I'm sorry, I -- well, tell me more about this Professor Benjamin."

"Oh he's a genius," Percy explained. "He's the one who gave me my Magic Scanner. He wanted someone keeping tabs on the castle and surrounding districts in D6, you see. He said --"

Percy stopped and both her and Elenia's heads swiveled around. The doorknob had just rattled as someone had presumably attempted to open it. Elenia had locked it beforehand, but she found it odd that the visitor had not chosen to knock.

"Who is it?" she called.

She got no response, but a moment later there was a flash of blue and the a good portion of the door was reduced to a burning pool of slag, which dripped in flaming beads onto the antique carpet. A moment later the remainder of the door was kicked inward. Elenia screamed.

A woman in a maid's uniform had stepped into the room bearing two plasma guns, one in each hand. Elenia recognized them as CT weapons. The woman had reddish hair and unnaturally pale, green eyes. Her face was as blank as an inactive telescreen.

"Hello, I'm here to kidnap you," she addressed Elenia in a voice completely devoid of emotion. "If you resist you will be ruthlessly massacred. I hope, for your sake, that you cooperate."

The End

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