Readying the Trap...

Dagger laughed softly at Ceridwen's statement. True, Devil was brash, but he was useful and he obeyed orders. Orders from Dagger anyway.

"Capture the princess you say? Yes, you're right, that's the best plan we have to force the royalty to comply. They wouldn't risk their little darling getting hurt." he cackled nastily, invisaging the looks on the King and Queen's faces when they heard of their daughter's capture.

"Don't go getting any ideas," Ceridwen snapped at him, "We'll use the girl to get information, maybe a ruling or two, but we won't do anything stupid. We can't have the death of a royal hanging over us. Keep your knives for those who need them."

Dagger sighed, rolling his eyes to the sky, "Alright. I'll alert the others, get them into position. We should move tomorrow night, give us enough time to get ready, while still maintaining the element of surprise. They'll never see us coming."

Barely looking at him, Ceridwen grunted her approval. She was evidently thinking hard about something, but Dagger knew better than to probe. So he simply melted away into the shadows, scarcely leaving a trace to show he had ever been there.

He'd have to talk to Devil about this incident, dead CTOs attracted too much attention. This one may have been easy to get rid of, but if their enemies had found a way into the city then there could easily be more on the way. He'd just have to strike first. Whitney could easily deal with any resistence they met at the palace, but she'd need cover to make her escape. That was where the others came in. He and Ceridwen had plotted it all months before, even before CTOs had started causing trouble.

Before that blasted Lorden kid had arrived. Dagger hissed, he didn't like that boy, the amount of power he possessed was just too much for someone like him to have. Let alone to know how to control it. That was probably how the CTO had found them, by following Lorden and then sending an agent in after them. An agent with a tracking device to help others follow him.

Damn that boy. Damn him to hell.

The End

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