Dragons are real?

  Nothing escaped the eyes of the hunter


  Yellow eyes watched the underground crowd

              in narrowed slits the hunter saw all

 Hero let out a sigh, from his hiding spot on top of one of the underground building. He had been assigned the job by his CTO seniors , how could he turn it down? It wasn't right to turn down a direct order from higher ranking officer no matter how stupid the person was. The job was to find D, a powerful magic user and bring him down. He had already destoried most of HQ, stole there super computer, killed serval officers, and destoried all there data on the underground. The dude had some serious issuse against CTO, and anyone smart knew that you didn't mess with CTO if you wanted to stay alive.

 But...there where those people that had to be put back in there place. Hero's eyes did a double take at one supious looking young man, he fit the description. Hero jumped down lading infront of the young man, shocked that he was younger than expected.

  "Kid i'm going to need you to come with me." Hero asked, expecting the kid would either run or break down crying. But he did neither. He smiled showing sharp point teeth longer than the average human teeth.

  "Why is that officer?" the kid asked his creepy smile grew wider.

 "Where looking for a man named D your fit his description." Hero looked the kid down.

 "'I'm afriad i can't go with you officer...you see i have someone who needs me right now, i'm not expecting your small brain to understand this so just move.." The kid said his voice soft and gental like an adult talking to a child. Hero had to admit that he was surprised, and ok a little freaked by the kids reaction, but he couldn't back down. A small crowd had gathered around them wondering what was going on. His pride clouding his eyes Hero narrowed his eyes.

 "Kid i'm sorry but i can't let you go." Hero his hands going to the gun on his belt. The kid sighed, shaking his head.

 "Why does everyone want to do it the hard way? Very well have it your way."  and then he was gone.

 Where did her go? Hero thought just as he felt the stinging pain of a bull whip hit his back, he turned gun ready and fired, only to find empty air. Again he felt the pain of a whip. How the hell did he move so fast? Hero turned in circles his eyes scanning around him looking for the kid, suddenly he appered infront of him.

 'What the f-!" Hero didn't have time to finish the word before the kid let leash the pain of his whip this time on his shoulders.Gritting his teeth he raised his gun, shotting the boy several times in the head. The kid went down, hitting the ground with a sicking thud. Hero panted he has to be dead now no one can survie that. The crowd had grown larger, a woman strolled torwad him her eyes spitting fire in his direction, she was beautiful, Hero couldn't help looking her up and down, then stopping on his favorite part the boobs. The bounced as she walked, he felt himself mentally drool. So what? He was a guy for peat sake!

Hero fought with hiself to get his gaze to her face which was very pissed off at the momment, but very cute he added. Hero raised his eyebrows. She spat at him, it hitting him in the face. Eww...gross he thought as he wipped it of his face.

 "What the hell is your problem! Coming in here and killing one of my people!" here comes the screaming, why do women do that? Don't they know screaming a guys ears off is not a turn on? From the whispering in the crowd he found out that her name was Ceridwen, he could tell from her just watching her that she had a hot-temper...a very bad one.

 "Listen Ceridwen right? I'm just going to take the body and go..." He turned to where the boy had fallen but stopped shortly when he saw that the kid had risen back on his feet again.

  Hero cursed under his breath, what just happened?


  D was happy to know that little miss high-ranking leader had grabed the CTO attention, leaving him the time to heal. He didn't have time to waste he had to get to Whitney soon, the damn computer wasn't responding to any of his calls. If his plan was going to work he would had to take action now. D spat out bullet after bullet , mentally cursing the CTO for the rest of his life time. Luckly none of the bullets had went through they had all just got shot in his mouth stopping when they hit his steel hard teeth. His teeth would be a little soar but he would survie. He stood slowly, saddly the CTO choose that moment to turn around, well that canceled  the idea of making a clean get away. Like D was going to back down anyway, though he looked liked a weak kid, he was just borrowing the body for awhile.

 It was time to shead this annoying small body. D let go of the grip on the body he was in he fazed through the body dropping to the ground behind him like a rag doll. He streghted his wings glad to be out of that tight body . Now time to face the problem before him.


Hero was more than freaked as something fazed out of the little kids body. The thing streghted gold ten foot dragon wings as The guy, i'm thinking its a guy from the build, stood 6ft tall towering over all of the crowd, his muscled body cased in leather, strange slanted purple eyes , a gold dragon tail, and long plae blond hair was tied back in a ponytail.

 "What the fudge are you man!"  Hero had tilt his head back to look at the creature.

 "You foolish mortal i am D, or Devil. I grow tired of you damn CTO's killing dragons, you can't tell a magic user from a dragon." D voice boomed across the crowd sending many into panic.

 Hero shook his head his day had just gotten werider, who would of know that dragons existed? Well if theres magic there had to be dragons right? Hero just wondered what other mythical creatures where real.

The End

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