Machines Vs. Magic


"...and now to greeting a suitor," Elenia's governess-droid garbled on automatically ignoring that particularly common sound from the corridors. Elenia, however, noticed the sound of a droid breaking down all too well. The clean-droids often broke down in her room in their attempts to manoeuvre the shag carpet. At least then Elenia had her room to herself; her books and her writings. And those private dreams. She had now recovered from her vision earlier, and was determined to continue the day as normal-despite having Lorden's face in her mind continuously.

"Sorry, Ms. Chatterham," Elenia said, getting up and flicking a switch on the droid's metallic casing. The robot's voice slowed and rumbled to a drone as 'she' shut 'her' systems down. Elenia liked to think of this droid as more of a human being, therefore she had given it a name and (almost) a personality. The girl also liked to think that Ms. Chatterham was married to the butler! It gave her a little sense of security; of two people having each other forever...

Elenia had never known her father, and to ask about him to her mother would not be considered 'polite' by the Royal household. Soon after Elenia was born her mother had married King Tyraanus, the young, single, prince who Lady Ophelia had been betrothed to all her life. Elenia would hate to be told who to marry...

In fact the Princess was very happy with Matt. A simple poorer boy she had met when the stretch-lev and the old butler-droid broke down for the first time. The late mechanic, Jenodez (killed in the recent Great Magic Outbreak) had not yet been replaced so the droids were being taken to one of the Mechs in the inner city. The King and Queen had been tending to the victims and the aftermath of the Great Outbreak so had sent Elenia in their place. Matt had recently been employed into the Mechs Society and, to Elenia, looked so gorgeous coming out from under that lev, copper hair sparkling with grease, bronze hands painted with midnight-black oil. And on top of all that he had lost his parents in the Great Outbreak; he hated magic too!

Two years on and Matt was almost qualified to start making his way onto bigger projects, such as the current reprogramming of 'Ms. Chatterham'. They had almost got her perfected, but whenever they tried to slip in the last addition, Ms. Chatterham's 'sense of superior authority' persona would kick in and she would refuse to be tampered with. Talk about robots fighting back! And they said those were just rumours.

Elenia was now standing in front of the butler-droid which had been in the midst of setting the table, but was now upturned amongst the ruined china it had been carrying. Sigh-better inform the staff before they inform my parents. The King and Queen didn't need this sort of thing at the moment.

Elenia hurried to the Palace kitchens, careful of her step. Who knew what rodents could be down here?

"Cook? Cook?" Oh, where was that troublesome machine-hater when you needed her? She tries to hide those feelings but I can see it in her eyes. And Percy, her child, has the eyes of a magic-lover. Elenia shivered. She wants to be part of that scum life.

Here was Percy now, tending to one of the new human staff.  The Princess frowned; since when did the Palace start hiring unneeded help-it certainly wasn't like her parents to make such a decision.

"Percy? Where's the Head Housekeeper?" Elenia asked the servant girl, not bothering to be polite for the staff. If anything, she was more than a little impatient. Percy glanced around then said: "I'm sorry, miss, I don't know..." But Elenia felt that she was concealing something, so turned on her pricey heels and stormed up the stairs, anger boiling over inside.

Turning back to the droid she screamed, "Why won't you work?" and stamped her foot loudly on the ground. At that moment the crystal lights in the dining room exploded in showers of shimmery diamonds.

"Wow," said Elenia stepping away from the mess, "What was that?"

"Elenia?" Percy appeared suddenly behind her, shocked at the state of the normally-so-tidy room.


The End

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