On the inside

 Whitney looked at the castle before her, her white eyes taking in the huge home of the royal family. She saw a servant to the Monarchs, taking the chance she quickly caught up to the female following her into the castle. As soon as she was in she took a left following the directions the voice had told her. She was a computer she obeyed her master no matter who it was. Shaking her head she went back to her task. Like the voice had said there was a closet on the second floor, last door.

 Whitney opened and closed the door behind her, quickly pulling a maids out fit on. She then tapped a device in her ear.

  "I'm in..."  she whispered

"Good..." The same voice replied. "You have served me well, i think you should know who your working for..call me D..." D told Whitney a seris of instructions, making sure she understood them before clicking off.

 Whitney put the device in her pocket , she closed her eyes, thinking of the look she wanted. When she opened them again, she had a red bob, with chiness bangs, her face was more pointy, her lips more pink, her eyes now a plae green. Not only did her face look different she was taller and curvier. Whitney opened the door of the closet and nearly bumped into the servant woman she had followed in. The woman looked at her curiously, her face piniched in thought.

"I'm new here, my name is Bria." she said. The woman nodded, but still she gave Whitney a strange look.

  "Well i'm Percy if you need any help just ask me."


The End

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