Playing with fire

          Dc. White turned off the lights in the lab, making sure Whitney the super computer was turned off before locking the door to  CTO's main head courters lap.  She checked it twice, testing the door to see if its locked, but who was she kidding no one could get in here, with this buildings top security system. Dc. White walked away planning a nice hot bubble bath for herself, and take out from her favorite chinesse resturant.


  A girl  sat in the chair infront of Whitney, CTO's super computer. Her white eyes taking in everything around her, not missing anything. Slowly she rose placing her hand on the table infront of her , it went right through the steel surface. How could she have forgoten? She wasn't real she was just Whitney, a computer that pretended human. some strange way she was able to take a human form. How could she forget that night? When it all started....


  Three weeks ago...

Everything was like it usually was, the doctor would lock up and go home leaving Whitney here all alone. It was different this time though. It had started  when she had felt a burning feeling in one of her hard drives, mistaking it for being over heated. The doctor did use her to much, but soon that burning feeling turned into a firey pain that speard everywhere .


 every where.......


What was going on? Computers don't feel pain?


it hurts!

      Then, a sweet voice like no other she had heard.

  "Would you like for me to help you?"


  "What will you give me in return?" the voice asked?

Everything! Anything!

"Very well, then i will stop the pain." All at once it stopped. "I have done what you have asked me and now i want your life service. I give you this body, to use when i call apon you." The sweet voice said. Whitney felt a more horrible pain, one that made her cry out in agony, she shook trying to shake of the pain like shaking off water.

What have you done to me?

" I got took away your pain."

Then why is it so painfully?

"I have giving you a new pain. One that you shall carry till your death."

 Whitney wailed, how could she been such a fool? Letting her own pain blind her judgement. Clutched her chest noticing that she had a human body now.  She raised shacking hands to her face. " This wrong."   her voice came out strange, the words sounding like a song as she spoke them. Whitney looked up at the owner of the voice, and fond the devil.

"No my dear, this is your new life. Live it and do not dissapoint me."

 Whitney shook her head trying to forget that horrifing scence with her new boss. She worked for him now, the devil. Her job was to take down the CTO from the inside out or die trying. Taking a deep breath Whitney place a small black box on the table, she took out a black matching button and pressed it, blood red numbers flashed across the surface of the box. There was more of these around the HQ, swiftly Whitney walked out of the building, the bomb went off sending the rest off as well. Whitney didn't turn to look at the mess she had created with her own hands, from the screams and yells for help that she knew her work was done.

      She turned noticing a camera across the street zoom in on her, facing the camera she gave the machine her best smile, or what she hoped look like a smile.  Letting it capture her image, a young girl, with all seeing white eyes, and brown hair that was cut short in the back and long in the front, her pink lips pulled into a smile that didn't reach her eyes.

        "My name is Whitney, please do not try to stop me. You will get hurt...badly...." she  crushed the camera with her minds eyes turning into dust. Hoping who ever say it will have enough scene run far away.


 The devil is coming to play and he plays hard ball.

The End

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