Dagger lurked outside the door as Ceridwen talked to the boy. They both seemed to be getting irritated, evidently the child was giving her cheek.

He knew how Ceridwen hated that.

Dagger smirked, the scar running down the left side of his face turning it into a grimace. He had no idea why Ceridwen had taken an interest in the boy, she hadn't told him anything. And that was strange, considering that he was one of the few people she actually trusted.

He'd been there when they'd brought the boy back and had talked briefly to Ceridwen as to the reason why he had to be brought here. As far as Dagger was concerned, he was merely another street kid with basic powers. Hardly anything to get concerned about. However, Ceridwen had been adamant that he was important, but when Dagger had asked she had simply ignored him, as she always did when she didn't want to tell him anything.

Never mind, he'd find out himself. He always did in the end.

As Ceridwen exited the room, Dagger emerged from the shadows, black hair askew over his dark-skinned face and bright black eyes alight with curiosity.

"Did it go well then? Will he comply?"

Ceridwen gave him an irritated look before replying curtly, "Of course he will. He'd be stupid not to. Why'd you ask?"

"Curiosity," replied Dagger, grinning slightly as Ceridwen narrowed her eyes at him.

So, there was new blood in the fold, thought Dagger.

This was going to be interesting.

The End

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