Lorden lay in bed, his body aching. The various burns and breaks that he had endured made it hard to move, not that there was anywhere to go, but it was nice to change position every once in a while. The whole time he had been there he had seen absolutely no one. He was occasionally asked through the intercom if he needed anything, and if he did, a droid came in and tended to him.

For long hours he did nothing at all, but the time was far less boring than it would appear to an outside observer, due to the fact that Lorden was on so many pain medications that he could hardly think straight, much less comprehend the passage of time.

As his wounds healed, the pain medication was gradually reduced until it was eventually taken away altogether. Lorden was slowly regaining the strength he had lost during his excessive use of magic. 

Lorden hadn't seen the sun in days and was unable to tell the difference between day and night. When he was tired, he slept. When he couldn't sleep, he thought up plans to escape that rarely came to anything since they all involved the use of magic, and he was wary about using it ever since he had lost control. 

While mulling over more practical escape plans, the single reinforced door opened and the magic using woman from the night of his escape walked in. 

She had short, white-blonde hair that was cut into a bob. Her eyes were grey and almond shaped, and had a slightly malevolent look to them. Her nose was sharp and aquiline. When she moved she appeared to glide across the floor with a certain serpentine grace, the kind that very few have. 

Lorden had to admit that she was beautiful, stunning actually. When she spoke he found it hard to concentrate on her words because her voice was so enchanting. 

"I'm Ceridwen. You're lucky we found you when we did, or the CTOs might have done some irreparable damage. As it is, you're still going to have scars and your arms won't exactly hang straight, but it could have been worse...much worse."

"Is there any chance that I might be able to leave this room anytime soon?"

"That depends entirely on you." Ceridwen said cooly.

"I don't think I understand."

"Let's put it this way," she replied, "if you help us, I'll let you go. If you don't, you might just be trapped in here forever."


Lorden was confused now. He had no idea how much time had passed since his altercation with the CTOs and he was completely lost when it came to where he was and who he was with. The only thing he knew, was that there was a magic-using woman named Ceridwen, and she seemed to have an agenda that involved him. 

"The other magic users. We live here, underground. We have a large city with artificial sunlight. It does well, but we have our eyes set on the world above, and you are just what we need to complete that goal."

The End

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