Bright sunshine woke Elenia. Rubbing her eyes she tried to remember this night's dream. It had been about a boy-with magic. Slightly older than herself. Orphaned? He had a mother, right...? No...

Elenia cursed. Once again the troublemaking boy in her dreams had managed to escape her memory...

At that moment there was a knock at the door, and the Costellian family's butler-droid slid in, it's newly polished wheels struggling slightly to make it's way through the pastel yellow shag carpet. Finally it stopped trying to make it's way into the room, and announced:

"Breakfast will be served in 5 minutes, Your Highness." And, promptly exited.

Sighing Elenia weighed up her options. Spend the day contenplating these silly dreams (and therefore get nowhere with her work), or as usual, act as though it were just some fantastical notion of her mind. Anyway who needed the trouble that magic could bring with it?

A few minutes later Elenia arrived downstairs to the main banqueting hall wearing her finest pastel pink dress, with matching slippers. The King and Queen were already there dining, dressed as though they were expecting company. In this day and age, anything came up at any time. Since the government had collapsed three years ago and magic had started to get out of hand. Elenia dispised magic-it had made her parents more preoccupied with work than their own daughter.

"You're late, Elenia!" The sharp voice of Elenia's mother, the Queen, echoed around the large room.

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty," said Elenia, curtsying.

"Now, we shall have none of that today, my dear." The Queen dismissed Elenia's politeness with a wave of her regal hand and indicated that she could sit near them at the table.

"How did you sleep last night?" Inquired the King, Elenia's step-father, as she took her place next to the Queen.

"Oh, fine, thankyou. Same as usual: Nothing extraordinary."

The End

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