Dust and Bone in the Teeth of the Dragon

The scream and the crunch was all Dagger needed to know that the Princess tailing him had got her comeuppance. The little pest. He smirked. Ceridwen had warned the King of the coming war, and he’d not taken her seriously. Now His royal Majesty was going to eat his words with a side of poison pie. When Dagger stormed in with news of the dragon – by law not a creature under the jurisdiction of maggots or non-users – terrorising the city and murdering innocent members of the royal family, Tyraanus would likely lose his head. He’d blow, expire, give up crown. Anything, as long as Dagger had enough string to pull the King the way he wanted.

If all went to plan, Devil will have removed Lorden and the servant girl in as quick time. Though he saddened a little at the thought, he imagined the destruction Devil would be wrecking across Ceridwen’s precious system of maggots, too. Lose some to win some. And, oh, he was winning.

By the time Dagger ascended the steps to the castle guard, all three of them (and Whitney for good measure) would be dust and bone in the teeth of the dragon.

Oh yes, today would be a glorious morning once the sun rose.

The End

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