Samus Aran takes on a mission to rescue hostages trapped in a colony that has been swept up in a revolution/succession and find and retrieve an ancient artifact that could help bring true peace to the galaxy, only to find that there is another bounty hunter with another mission, to wipe out the colony and steal the ancient artifact by force.
Samus is pushed to extreme measures and situations as this gets extremely personal as orphaned children become involved...

Samus's ship slows to a gradual, vertical landing,  hovering in a clearing just at the bottom slopes of a large, hilly range.
The external hatch opens with a whirring and a hiss.
Samus is lifted slowly out of the ship while making visual confirmation as her ship's computer A.I. informs her that there is no threat or even any life in the immediate area.

She is completely exposed, standing poised and alert, then jumps gracefully to the ground next to the ship with a deep and soft "thump".

The sky is an ashen light blue, the wind howls gently over her powersuit as she pauses to link with the ship's CPU to scan for an entrance into the mines.
The results are graphical, grid overlays that overlap her real-time visuals through her visor.

Through the Dhallian mines on Praxis...

This is a mission she couldn't resist to take on the assignment of.
She refused payment for this, due to hostages being involved.
This is a one man (or woman) operation, as usual, but this was no average mission.
This is a DISARM, RESCUE and RETRIEVE mission.

An entire colony had been cut off from communications and taken hostage, not by space pirates, but by a rag-tag group calling themselves simply "the Liberation Front".

What did they aim to liberate themselves from..?
ANY, outside, control and interference, whatsoever...
To completely and totally succeed from the Galactic Federation and it's "ever tightening grasp of control over the galaxy".
They hated the Federation, felt it was quickly becoming corrupt, greedy and controlling.

To the Galactic Federation, their succession would not do, as this planet Praxis, was abundant in the ore that powered their spacecraft and

heavy weapons. They NEED Praxis, and they were already beginning to hurt from it's breaking away.

This was all political fodder that Samus could care less about.
What caught her attention and interested her in taking this assignment is the involvement of children.
Many helpless orphans live amongst the colony populous.
This felt particularly personal, as these orphans were made so by further space pirate wars in this sector of space.

Samus's mission...?
To disarm the Liberation Front, free the hostages then locate and retrieve a stolen "ancient artifact" that the leader of the Liberation Front had acquired from the Galactic Federation.
An artifact that Samus was informed, would help to bring "true and everlasting peace" to the galaxy, wich she had heard before...
It seemed this "artifact" was much more than just that, as any further details were kept outright from her by her Liaison from the Federation who seemed to hold it of much higher significance than the "rebellion" or hostages, wich was already arousing suspicion.

Thinking all of this over as she completes her scan and discovers a hidden entrance nearby, she stops and turns abruptly as her ship insistantly informs her of a possible threat.
Samus turns to observe another ship entering the atmosphere in the not too distant horizon.

Any information gleaned from her ship's readouts is inconclusive at best, but whoever it is is seemingly unaware or uninterested in her presence.

She puts the ship into a tactical/defensive "stealth" mode, then heads quickly for the entrance to the mines...

The End

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