The Earth of Today

Nick sat, and listened with growing shock.

"The Earth of today is fundamentally changed. No major cities or towns remain, it seems they were all hit by meteors. In fact that is where almost every meteor landed. Due to the immense speed of the meteors, we believe that they were used as artificial weapons. When we discovered you, that theory was confirmed. You were being attacked by alien life-forms, and when I have finished talking to you, I will take you to see one of them.

But the efficacy of the meteors as weapons cannot be denied. The majority of mankind has been destroyed, and those who survived have found themselves isolated in a desolate, barren landscape, surrounded by unfamiliar predators.

Oh, and we're going to crash into the sun in three years."


"The meteors knocked Earth into a spiralling orbit, moving ever closer to the sun. Don't worry, you'll have been vapourised long before that happens by the sun's heat. But our priority needs to be to get off this planet, and our only hope of that is our new friends. As they got here, we can assume that they are advanced enough to know what is happening, and to get off the planet. We need to go with them."

The End

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