The general

Several weeks had passed, although time had no meaning in the sterile, white, hospital deep beneath the ruined surface of Earth. Nick had steadily recovered, and was now able to get around on a pair of crutches. Now, he had an appointment to keep, as he entered the cantine supported by Louis, the medic and doctor who had been the first human voice that he had heard after the nightmare and his constant friend and companion through his convalescing days.

"Ah, you must be Nick. My name is General Dmitri Sokolov, and I am the commander of the US-Russian extra-terrestrial technology section. You are know in a deep underground bunker in the government base known as Area 51 before the meteors landed. If you would care to take a seat, I will explain to you our current situation, and then you can ask as many questions as you want."

The End

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