The darkness wraiths


The scorching heat of the day had faded, and a bitter chill sat in the air, as the crumpled body of the survivor lay on the floor. Behind a set of stars glowed from within a crevice, of which four had  detached themselves from the group, and, moving in a shape like a triangle with a pole on the top, approached the body. Behind them could be seen a dark, spindly quadrupedal body, covered in spines and with a long, snake-like tail. The head was long and narrow, bulging at the base. Each leg ended in a set of hooked claws.

Reaching the body, the creature bent over and cocked its head to the man's chest, jumping at the thump from within. It circled the body cautiously several times, beofre, satisfied that no resistance would be encountered, it raised itself onto its hind legs and uttered a piercing screech. The many others, still in the crevice, at once swarmed towards the recumbent figure, chittering excitedly.

The End

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